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Terms & Conditions

By using My Locker Laundry services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Minimum Order Size

Wash & Fold order minimum is 7kg. Each drop-off must have a minimum of three items and combination of different item types is acceptable.

For Wash & Fold, even if the order size is less than 7kg, we will have to charge a minimum charge of $20.93 (inclusive of GST).

For the drop off dry clean and wash & iron, the minimum order is $13.50 (inclusive of GST).

Free Laundry

Once your friend/ neighbour spend $20 on laundry, you will be entitled a free $10 bonus. It will automatically be reflected in your account.


Orders that have not been paid for within 30 days of the pickup date will be considered as abandoned and all laundry will be donated to charity.

Unclaimed items

All laundry once returned to a locker must be removed from the locker within 48 hours. Laundry not collected after 48 hours will be removed from the locker and the lock number will be changed. After 48 hours, we will bring your laundry back and store at our facility. You can text us at 9122-9474 or email us at: to schedule a re-delivery date back to the locker. When your scheduled re-delivery data arrives, we will place your clean clothes back insider the locker and inform you via SMS and email the locker number and a four digit code to unlock your locker.

Items that have been placed in a locker and have not been claimed by any customer will be held of 30 days. If items are unclaimed after 30 days, all laundry will be donated to charity.

Damaged items

We exercise our best care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. We cannot guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to weak and tender fabrics; or against damage to items such as buttons, beads, ties or zipper pulls. My Locker Laundry’s liability with respect to any damaged items shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand and condition. Such loss shall be deemed not to exceed S$150.00 in any one order. Any damaged items must be reported via email to and returned to My Locker Laundry for inspection within 3 business days.

Lost items

Any lost items must be reported via email to within 3 business days. My Locker Laundry makes its best reasonable effort to track every item that we process and will review all lost items claims on a case by case basis. Any items determined to have been lost by My Locker Laundry will be reimbursed and such reimbursement shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand and condition. Such loss shall be deemed not to exceed S$150.00 in any one order.

When leaving your items in lockers, please ensure that your locker has been correctly closed and locked. My Locker Laundry is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from a failure to lock the locker properly.

Loose items

Although we strive to provide the best possible services, we are not responsible for loose items such as jewellery, watches, cash, detachable buttons, cufflinks, belts, laces, hoods or loose items on garments, hangers etc. We request that customers remove these items and empty pockets prior to leaving items with us as we cannot be held responsible for damage to your garments from items left in pockets (e.g. lipstick, pens).

High value items

Please inform us if any item is of a high or memorable value so that special attention can be given to that item. Extra charges may apply for servicing such items.

Personal property

Any personal property placed in My Locker Laundry locker that appears to have value will be removed by My Locker Laundry and stored at our facility for 30 days. If items are unclaimed after 30 days, all property will be donated to charity. However, please be informed that we are not responsible for any personal property placed in My Locker Laundry regardless of the value of the said personal property.


Any property unclaimed and order that are not paid within 30 days from the date of delivery will be considered abandoned and we will donate all property to MINDs (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) or The Salvation Army.

Total removal of stains

We work hard to remove all stains on your garments. However, total removal of stains is not guaranteed.

My Locker Laundry rebate

Customers may earn 5% cash rebate when he/she makes at least $20 per transaction (except purchasing credits). The cash rebate will be automatically added into his/ her free credits account.

Turnaround time

We will make our best reasonable effort to adhere to our service schedule to returning laundry within 4 business days (normal) and 2 business days (express), both excluding the day that you put your laundry inside the locker. However, we do not guarantee turnaround times and assume no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to a delay in service.


Purchased prepaid credit and free credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

Privacy policy

My Locker Laundry is committed to protecting our visitors’ and members’ privacy. Refer to Privacy policy here.

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